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Taxi Service in Bratenahl

Imagine that the next taxi ride that you take is with a driver who loves their job, and who charges you a reasonable rate when you’re finished? To many, this seems like an unreal situation, but when you call First Express Limo, that’s just what we call “every day”.

Our affordable taxi service can take you anywhere in Bratenahi and the rest of Ohio. Looking for airport taxi services with transparent and upfront pricing, with the option to discuss special and flat rates? Look no further.

First Express Limo is proud to be the reliable, prompt, and professional taxi service you’ve always been looking for.

Short and Long Distance 24/7

At First Express Limo, we never sleep. Our drivers are ready and able to make short or long trips in good or bad weather. Whether you need to get to work or school, get home from the bar safely, or make a long-distance trip to the airport, we’re here for you.

Our dedicated drivers are always looking for ways to make your trip better. If you have any special requests, don’t hesitate to ask when you call. Flat rates for entire day services? We’ve got you covered.

Airport Taxi Service

Whether you’re heading to the airport yourself or you need to arrange airport transfers for guests and clients, First Express Limo can get our passengers from point A to point B efficiently and comfortably.

The ride from Bratenahi to the airport can seem long depending on the route taken and traffic conditions, but our drivers will always do their best to determine the fastest route on any given day by keeping up to the date on news and notes on their GPS.

We understand that the last thing anyone wants is to be late arriving at the airport or getting to a business meeting after landing at the airport. Choose a taxi service whose primary goal isn’t to get as much money as possible out of you. The drivers at First Express Limo care, and after one ride with us you’ll never book any other airport taxi service!

Competitive Pricing

How many times have you gotten into a taxi in Bratenahi or anywhere else for that matter, having no idea how much you’re going to pay? You sit in your seat and watch the counter go up and up, wondering where it will be by the time you arrive.

First Express Limo charges on average $2 per mile with waiting time at $30 hourly. However, these prices are estimates and may be different depending on your specifications. Give us a call to find out more!

Your Go-To Taxi Service

Whether you need to go across town or across state, First Express Limo is there for you. Our drivers are licensed and certified, with shining records, and always arrive at their destination with a smile on their face.

Never worry about faulty airport transfers or late arrival times with our team. You can always count on First Express Limo to be both efficient and affordable. Get in touch